White Papers

Over the years Guidance Marine has presented papers on various topics at a variety of conferences. A list of these papers can be found below.

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Targets not included


Challenges of performance testing an environmentally referenced sensor


DP Positioning - Relative Position Referencing Goes Targetless
RangeGuard for Long Range Water Height and Wave Measurements
A Safety Related Approach To Wind Tower SOV Approach Instrumentation


Laser Target Ambiguity
Situational Awareness – A Missing DP Sensor Output
A New Era for River Navigation
A New Era In Local Position Referencing
PRS Reflector Target Recommendation for the Offshore Wind Industry
Environmental Referencing - Reducing the Interdependence Failure Opportunities
RadaScan View: Adding situational awareness to referential position sensors


Enabling Technologies for Marine ADAS/Hazard Detection – The Missing Piece of the Jigsaw
A Holistic approach to User Interface design across multiple platforms – Reducing the learning overhead
Reducing the infliction of complexity


Impact of Reduced Visibility Conditions on Laser-Based DP Sensors


Performance modelling for local position reference sensors applied to RadaScan


RadaScan Applied to Vessel Underway Replenishment at Sea DP Operations


RadaScan: A Local Reference, High Resolution Radar, Dynamic Positioning Sensor
CyScan: The Benefits of Multiple Hypothesis Tracking for Laser-Based DP Reference Sensors


Modulated Microwave Position & Heading Reference Sensor

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