News List

DateArticle Name
23 Oct 2018 SceneScan, the first targetless laser sensor for offshore wind farms, launched
05 Sep 2018 An Oceanic Awakening
02 Jul 2018 Change of Company Address
29 Jun 2018 Seatrade Awards 2018
04 May 2018 The First Targetless Laser Position Reference Sensor is Here!
09 Apr 2018 New Sales and Service Partners for Brazil
14 Mar 2018 We've Been Shortlisted for the Excellence in Innovation Award
23 Feb 2018 Guidance Marine featured in the Wind Energy Network Magazine
09 Feb 2018 Shortlisted for the OSJ Dynamic Positioning Award
10 Oct 2017 A new level of precision in laser position reference sensor navigation
10 Oct 2017 Wärtsilä acquires Guidance Marine Limited
28 Sep 2017 RangeGuard receives DNV-GL Type approval
06 Sep 2017 Guidance Marine announces a new service partner for the Caspian Region
05 Jun 2017 CyScan system on-board the Pioneering Spirit assists with the removal of Shell's Brent Delta platform
24 Apr 2017 Marine Operations: 500m Safety Zone
10 Apr 2017 Successful RangeGuard system sea trial on-board Windea Leibniz
14 Feb 2017 Guidance Marine wins Dynamic Positioning Award for their RangeGuard system
13 Feb 2017 Paul McCarney appointed Chief Financial Officer
06 Feb 2017 Guidance Marine and A.S. Moloobhoys Pvt. Ltd. have entered into a joint venture for Position Reference Sensor training
18 Jan 2017 RangeGuard and RadaScan View systems installed on-board the Edda Ferd

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