Authors: SY Heriot, D McKnight, B Furdek, Wärtsilä Guidance Marine, UK, 
        H Busshoff, Bernhard Schulte Ship Management, Germany

The latest technology in local position reference sensing is changing the way that vessels operate alongside assets, whether that be an oil platform, another vessel or an off-shore wind turbine. These technologies allow local positioning to be completely independent of the asset which enables safer, more efficient operations as well as reducing costs for the asset owner. SceneScan, launched in 2018, is the first laser local position reference sensor that does not require a physical reflective target to be placed on the asset to operate; this offers many operational advantages. It follows the success of the first targetless sensor, RangeGuard Monopole which is used for SOV operations at offshore wind farms, launched in 2016 and uses radar technology. This paper describes SceneScan Monopole which is a special feature included with the standard SceneScan software that allows SceneScan to be used for SOV operations at a windfarm. With the launch of SceneScan Monopole, Wärtsilä Guidance Marine can now offer a completely targetless solution for SOV’s. Using RangeGuard Monopole alongside SceneScan Monopole provides two forms of redundancy (laser and radar), and is not reliant on GPS, fulfilling DP2 requirements.

This paper was presented at the 2019 Design and Operation of Wind Farm Support Vessels, 27 February 2019, London, UK.

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