MTS see a target-less future

October News

If you haven’t already seen the Technical and Operational Guidance (TECHOP) document produced by Marine Technology Society (MTS), then you may not have seen them mention what the future of positioning reference systems (PRS) would concise of. They mention using a combination of activity appropriate targeted and target-less technologies.  

Guidance Marine have already entered the world of target-less PRS with its product, RangeGuard, for the renewables sector: 'Targetless sensor finds favour in renewables sector' and provided details of how it can work alongside a targeted system like CyScan Mk4: 'Relative Position Referencing goes Targetless'.

Guidance Marine are working towards other target-less solutions for the maritime market and continue to innovate and shape for a smarter future.

For more information on RangeGuard, please click here
See table 5-3 on pages 25 and 26 of the TECHOP document, please click here
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