RangeGuard receives DNV-GL Type approval

September News

Guidance Marine is pleased to announce that the award-winning RangeGuard Position Reference System has now received DNV-GL type approval (Certificate No: TAA00001E4). Combining RangeGuard with our Monopole DP software it is the only local position reference sensor that does not need physically installed targets for it to operate. The RangeGuard Position Reference System was awarded OSJ award for dynamic positioning in 2017.

Designed specifically for wind farm walk-to-work applications, the RangeGuard system is classified as an independent position reference sensor. Using radar technology, it eliminates any risk of false reflections and walk–off incidents that can occur with traditional laser reference sensors. RangeGuard uses the monopole as the target which means that the wind farm operators do not need to install and maintain any reflective targets. Vessels can operate independently without having to rely on reflectors. Although there are no physical targets, the inputs to the DP system are exactly the same format as other local position reference sensors - any DP system that accepts laser and radar local position reference sensors can also accept the RangeGuard Position Reference System.

RangeGuard is already being used on 2 vessels, the Windea La Cour:

Innovative position reference sensor does not need a target

and the Windea Liebnitz:

Windea Leibniz Puts RangeGuard Monopole Through Its Paces

RangeGuard is the first local position reference sensor of its kind. By removing the need for targets it materially improves safety and productivity while reducing costs. DVN-GL type approval will give confidence to the industry that a future without targets has begun!

For more information see RangeGuard Monopole

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