Successful RangeGuard® system sea trial on-board Windea Leibniz

April News

Guidance Marine's RangeGuard Monopole system successfully completed its sea trial on-board the Windea Leibniz at the Sandbank wind farm in Germany. A fully DP integrated system is already on-board Windea Leibniz's sister vessel, Windea La Cour.  As a result a complete RangeGuard Monopole system was installed on Windea Leibniz. The RangeGuard Monopole system is designed to provide an environmentally referenced position for dynamic positioning at sites where there will be a single, simple monopole in the sensors' field of view. Typically, this would be in an offshore wind farm, where a Service Operation Vessel (SOV) would approach Monopile Wind Turbine to deploy a motion stabilised gangway for crew transfer purposes. 

A vessel approaches an offshore wind turbine on DP and, typically, uses differential GPS and a laser PRS to obtain precise position. If poor quality reflector targets are installed on the wind turbine it can lead to the laser sensor detecting false reflections due to their proximity to other highly reflective surfaces, such as the high vis jackets of workmen on the landing platform and walk-to-work gangway. To overcome this problem, high quality reflective prism targets should replace low quality reflectors, but the cost of installing these on every single wind turbine in a wind farm can be prohibitive. RangeGuard Monopole removes the need for installed targets altogether.

"Removing the need for physical targets altogether is a step change in wind farm navigation. A step change being driven by the RangeGuard Monopole system"

Andrew Stead - Head of Sales & Business Development, Guidance Marine


  • Guidance Marine launch first local position reference sensor that does not use targets


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