RangeGuard® System Overview

Targetless Microwave Situational Awareness and Proximity sensor.

Guidance Marine has two different RangeGuard products depending on application. For more information please click on the links below.


Objection detection and distance measurement sensor.

Independent to the dynamic positioning system

The RangeGuard system measures the distance to the nearest object. Based on radar technology, it is a plug and play proximity sensor to detect unseen objects for vessel protection.

RangeGuard Monopole

The first targetless DP sensor for station-keeping at a wind turbine.

Complete integration with the dynamic positioning system

The RangeGuard Monopole system is a new type of position reference sensor that does not require a dedicated target – rather it uses the local environment as its target; typically the leg or tower of a wind turbine. This removes the need for physical targets to be installed which makes the vessel completely independent and can increase both safety and decrease turnaround times.

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