IMCA publishes guide to RadaScan sensor for DP operations

January News

Reliable and robust methods of positioning are required for safe vessel operations at offshore installations. The development of dynamic positioning (DP) systems has been gradual over the past 50 years and today, various manufacturers’ systems are available around the world. The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has published a report, IMCA M 209 ‘RadaScan microwave radar sensor for dynamic positioning operations’ to provide an overview of the RadaScan system. Originally written in 2011, the document has been updated and re-released. A major part of the document has been produced by Guidance Marine. It covers the components of the system, sensor design, operation including advantages and disadvantages, servicing and maintenance applications and technical specifications.

"The growth and development of DP systems has stimulated the development of DP positon measurement sensors which have become more sophisticated as technology has allowed. Within the relative position measurement equipment range the DP market is familiar with the use of laser and microwave sensors (the topic of various standalone IMCA publications). Our newly published document describes the RadaScan product, which is part of the range of microwave relative positioning systems offered by Guidance Marine"

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