RangeGuard and RadaScan View systems installed on-board the Edda Ferd

January News

Above left: A member of crew using the RangeGuard display and RadaScan View Dashboard
Above right: A RangeGuard sensor mounted on the handrail of the Edda Ferd

Guidance Marine's RangeGuard and RadaScan View systems have been installed on-board the Edda Ferd on a trial basis. The RangeGuard system mounted port and starboard side was introduced to provide situational awareness in the vicinity of oil rigs. The targetless all-weather system measures the distance to the nearest object. The sensor gives the crew on the bridge further confidence with distances, also allowing them to detect unseen objects for vessel protection. At present the Edda Ferd is working the Haewene Brim hose and deck operations. Previously the vessel was working alongside the Curlew, a weathervaning FPSO, and found the system great, clearly able to see the FPSO movements in real time.

"The RangeGuard system is user friendly with easy to learn software. With the easy to understand on-screen overview the user can learn to monitor and operate the software without any problems. My impression of the equipment is good"

Joar Andre Øyre - Master Edda Ferd

The installation accommodates the possible use of clearance verification at the stern of the vessel during docking in Aberdeen, as requested by the Edda Ferd. The RangeGuard sensor provides range and speed information during approach and departure to and from the quayside giving the crew on the bridge confidence with distances.

"With the industry focus on safe and efficient OSV operations within the 500m safety zone Østensjø Rederi made the decision to source a system whereby our Masters’ and Bridge Officers could improve their situational awareness whilst operating alongside the asset. We located such a system known as “RangeGuard” by Guidance Marine. After discussions with Guidance we believed that this state of the art distance measurement tool would be an enhancement for our crews’ operational capabilities. Our Platform Supply Vessel Edda Ferd was chosen to be the trial vessel in the fleet and was fitted with the system late September, early indications show that the system and its benefits are adding to the operation in a positive safe manner"

Phil Brown - Area Manager Offshore - UK Edda Supply Ships

Launched in 2013, at the time the most environmentally friendly PSV in the world using 25 - 30% less energy compared to other conventional PSVs, Edda Ferd is currently serving Shell UK in the North Sea. Guidance Marine regularly engages with vessel operators to further understand what their positioning requirements are. We endeavour to support offshore operations with the most innovative and cost effective approach to position reference sensor technology.


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