Guidance Marine adds Motion Reference Units to its product portfolio

December News

Guidance Marine have introduced a new range of Motion Reference Units (MRU's) to meet the requirements of marine and hydrographic applications. The Guidance Marine MRUs are enhanced, high-performance strapdown Motion Sensors. Utilizing the latest developments in MEMS technology the MRU provides accurate determination of Pitch, Roll, and Heave for any vessel on which it is mounted.

"Through a combination of proven sector expertise and a continued investment in technological innovation, Guidance Marine continues to deliver the best in class products for its customers. Adding Motion Reference Units to our existing portfolio allows us to extend our product and service provision to a broader customer base who will then benefit from Guidance Marine’s expertise and high quality products and services. This new generation of high stability MEMS-based MRUs are an ideal solution for demanding marine applications"

Dave Sanderson - Head of Engineering

Guidance Marine is offering 3 models, giving Heave only, Pitch and Roll only, or Pitch, Roll and Heave measurement.

All models are IEC 60945 compliant, and output data for DP use over RS232/RS422 or RS485 in TSS-1 or NMEA-0183 formats.


Part Number  

Dynamic accuracy (vessel/ship/ROV motion)
 Heave Accuracy      Pitch & Roll      Linear Acceleration Accuracy  
GMRU-H  MRU-B1-G450-A8-TGA-C1-V0.1 Heave sensor 5% / 5 cm
  0.005 m/sec2
GMRU-PR  MRU-B1.1-G450-A8-TGA-C1-V0.1  Pitch & Roll sensor -   0.05 deg 0.005 m/sec2 
 GMRU-PRH  MRU-B2-G450-A8-TGA-C1-V0.1  Pitch & Roll & Heave sensor  5% / 5 cm  0.05 deg 0.005 m/sec2

Motion Reference Units can be purchased directly through Guidance Marine Direct  Visit Marine Direct Website


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