Testing Artemis Mobile Stations with the Artemis Validator

November News

The Artemis Validator is a rugged unit designed to test whether a mobile Artemis Mk5 or Mk6 sensor is working without the need for a second Artemis sensor. It is available in two variants; battery powered for portable testing by service personnel and mains powered for permanent installations. The simple interface allows selection of simulated test ranges and frequency pairs, along with access to Validator diagnostics. Testing can be carried out at ranges up to 300 metres from the Artemis, with simulation of ranges up to the Artemis maximum range.

"The Artemis Validator is the latest offering in Guidance Marine's ongoing commitment to increase safety and reduce operating costs"

Dave Sanderson - Head of Engineering

Key Features

  1. Test Artemis mobile stations on the vessel
  2. Battery and mains powered variants
  3. Simulate test ranges, frequency pairs and diagnostics
  4. Enable end to end FMEA testing

Principle of Operation

The basic principle of operation is that the Validator is setup with the parameters of an Artemis sensor (frequency pair, address and simulated distance).
The Validator is placed such that it is in view of the Artemis sensor under test. The Validator will then simulate a real Artemis sensor for testing the function and performance of the Artemis system under test.

The portable unit (p/n 20-0228-3) is used for diagnosing faults or supporting installation of an Artemis sensor.
The permanently installed version (p/n 20-0227-3) allows automated testing of the vessel's Artemis sensor, allowing the crew to have confidence their Artemis sensor is working. A user only has to press one button on the Dashboard and the validation process is performed and logged automatically.

The Artemis Validator can be purchased directly through Guidance Marine Direct  Visit Marine Direct Website

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