The first targetless DP Sensor for station-keeping at a wind turbine

October News

Guidance Marine are the first company to offer a local DP Position Reference Sensor (PRS) solution that removes the requirement for targets altogether. The new RangeGuard Monopole system does not use dedicated physical targets - it uses the local environment as its target; typically the leg or lower tower of a wind turbine. Removing the need for physical targets to be installed makes the vessel completely independent and can increase both safety and decrease turnaround times. 

  • Vessel independent of installation (no dedicated targets required)
  • No maintenance
  • Detects objects within 300m
  • No moving parts
  • Additional form of redundancy
  • Reduce turnaround times

The RangeGuard Monopole system introduces a new method of data acquisition - it does not have many common failure modes with DGPS or laser systems. The common problems that occur with mounted targets are negated and maintenance of targets is no longer required.

Targetless positioning for wind farms has begun

Bernhard Schulte have installed a full DP enabled system on their SOV Windea La Cour. Sensors were installed on the vessel at the yard on the starboard side - the same side as the motion compensated gangway. 

One of the most advanced vessels ever built specifically for the offshore wind market, the Windea La Cour is working on the Gemini offshore wind farm in the North Sea. The paper DP Positioning - Relative Position Referencing Goes Targetless discusses the latest results from the first fully integrated RangeGuard Monopole system onboard the vessel.


The RangeGuard Monopole system uses direct radar reflections from the transition piece. The system consists of a minimum of 2 RangeGuard sensors connected to a control unit which in turn is connected to the bridge and the DP system of the vessel. The small lightweight radar sensors are mounted onto the side of the vessel pointing in the direction of the transition piece and simple geometry determines the range and relative position of the vessel.

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