Reasons why the Rugged Prism is the fastest selling Dynamic Positioning Target

September News

The Rugged Prism from Guidance Marine is designed to perform and last in the harshest of marine environments. The bright coloured exterior allows vessels to easily identify the visual target from a distance. When operating on DP with local position reference sensors, a vessel requires high quality, line of sight targets mounted on the offshore installation. The Rugged Prism is a retro-reflector that returns the laser signal back to the sensor, it is used to precisely measure the range and bearing to the Rugged Prism to calculate the relative position and heading.


Our customers permanently installed Rugged Prisms to:

  1. Eliminate the need for an initial handover of targets 
  2. Speed up vessel loading and unloading
  3. Improve target acquisition and quality of feed

Above: A Rugged Prism being drop tested from 10m.  

Key Features

  • Robust housing design suitable for handovers
  • Increased range and durability over tape targets
  • High visibility, easy to identify
  • Easy 'drop on' rail mounting 
  • Suitable for long-term wall or handrail mounting
  • 3 year warranty

Guidance Marine always recommend Rugged Prisms

Left (circled): After advice from Guidance Marine, all the Dudgeon transition pieces (TPs) manufactured by Smulders have three Rugged Prism clusters installed per TP. The Dudgeon wind farm has over 200 Rugged Prisms installed on 67 turbines.

Right: In contrast on the DanTysk wind farm in Denmark they're using two reflectors per TP . Guidance Marine always recommends Rugged Prisms.


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