Situational Awareness with the RadaScan View system

September News

Building on Guidance Marine's proven pedigree, the RadaScan View system enhances traditional microwave DP reference sensors to provide additional situational awareness directly at the DP Operators' station. An evolution of our RadaScan technology, the RadaScan View sensor is a combined position reference sensor and navigation radar. The key is evolution, not revolution – additional useful information without detracting from the already satisfying user experience. By combining the accurate position radar with this navigational view DPOs are now able to confirm the position of responders with respect to the asset. This reduces the DPO workload during approach and can assist during station-keeping with optimum vessel positioning.

"Every DPO at some time wanted a radar repeater at the DP console"

Steve Wellington, Merchant Marine Officer - M/V Harvey Hurricane
By introducing the View feature to RadaScan technology, DP Operators can achieve a higher level of operational safety for these applications, more choice and higher levels of redundancy. Current position references offer a limited view of the ‘real world’ environment. As today’s operations become more and more complex, providing situational awareness to an operator can help prevent an incident by providing early warning, and allowing more time to correct a potential issue.

"The latest and greatest, I think the View feature will be a great improvement to the system. Especially for the PSVs and any other vessels that operates in close proximity on DP"

Steve Mason, Master and SDPO - Hornbeck Offshore

Above: RadaScan View Dashboard taken from a recent sea trial onboard the Edda Ferd
approaching the Gannet Alpha platform in the North Sea.

"It is useful when it is foggy and really useful when next to the installation. It helps to see whether or not they are parallel or at an angle to the object"

Captain Frode Eineberholm and Chief Officer Ronny Waage - Edda Ferd



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