The next generation in laser position reference sensor technology

October News

Absolute Signature (AS) technology delivers levels of confidence previously unachievable in laser position reference sensor navigation. The next generation in laser reference technology, it resolves long-standing, common industry challenges by providing an improved performance during target identification, acquisition and tracking. 

MTS Dynamic Positioning Conference
10 - 12 October
Stands 7 & 8

Technical Director Russ Miles will present
a paper on Laser Target Ambiguity


An enhancement of the CyScan Mk4 sensor, the signature allows immediate and definitive elimination of clutter. The synergy between the sensor and the target using AS technology defines laser performance for DP operations.

Key Benefits

  • Guaranteed 'signature lock' between the laser position reference sensor and the target
  • Automatic target identification and acquisition
  • Eliminates possibility of walk-off incidents
  • Increases level of false reflection immunity 
  • Reduces turnaround time - increases operational performance


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