Guidance Marine launches new Artemis® Mk6 system

August News

Guidance Marine has launched the new Artemis Mk6 system. The Artemis system, first introduced to the offshore market in 1972 is the undisputed, world leading, long-range microwave position reference sensor and is still widely used today. The system is typically used in the offshore operation of offloading and transportation of oil between shuttle tankers and FPSOs. The Mk6 system is the most complete long range radar in Artemis product history.

Since becoming the custodian of the Artemis brand from CHL in 2015, Guidance Marine has extensively evaluated the Mk5 system and understood the needs of shuttle tanker and FPSO operators. The Mk6 system is the evolution of the Artemis Mk5 system and the latest offering in sensor technology from Guidance Marine. With the inclusion of the Mk6 system to an already growing product portfolio, Guidance Marine believes its product range caters for a wide range of customer requirements and operations, positioning the company as a unique solutions partner for situational awareness and positioning sensors.

"With the addition of the Artemis Mk6 system our laser and microwave position reference sensors can position vessels safely and effectively from anywhere between 10m - 10,000m"

Declan O'Dea - Head of Sales

Key Features

  • Operating range up to 10km
  • All weather operation
  • Automatic search and lock
  • Overcomes GNSS scintillation
  • Interchangeable antennas and antenna units
  • Guidance Dashboard User Interface
  • Compatible with all existing Mk5 stations

The next generation Artemis Dashboard


Guidance Marine's Artemis Dashboard. Based on DPO feedback, at a glance Coordinates Mode gives the operator all the numeric
and signal strength data required.

Today’s users will be more familiar with the legacy Teledyne RESON B.V. user interface. Guidance Marine visited a number of shuttle tankers engaging with end users of the Artemis system to further understand their requirements and added co-ordinates mode to the Dashboard following comments. These improvements have also been made in the CyScan and RadaScan Dashboards – maintaining our coordinated approach to user interfaces, such that there is a benefit for the user in training.

Artemis system today


The Artemis Validator allows functional
testing of Artemis units to be carried out
in the field, without the need for a second
Artemis Fixed station. The portable unit is
ideal for service and test use, The Validator
is also designed to allow permanent
installation with Dashboard integration and
system health logging.

Building on more than 40 years of successful Artemis history and now as part of the Guidance Marine product portfolio, the Artemis sensor allows Guidance Marine to supply their customers with relative positioning sensors from 10m to 10,000m, including a package that has been tailored for shuttle tanker owners and operators. Upgrade and training programmes are available for operators that wish to refine their Artemis system skills.
The Mk6 is the first new Artemis product to be introduced by Guidance and will be followed up with the release of the Artemis Validator a compact device designed to quickly independently verify the operation of an Artemis sensor.

ARTEMIS: Automatic Ranging Theodolite Eradiating Microwave Signals

1960 - 2016

Click on each milestone to expand

  • 1960 - 1965

    CHL develop tracking antenna system for video transmission.

  • 1966 - 1970

    Work begins in collaboration with Decca. Decca to develop distance measurement system; CHL to enhance the tracking and realise angle measurement and angle transmission. After careful consideration collaboration with Decca is terminated by CHL.

  • 1973

    CHL receives an order for 3 Artemis Mk2 systems. First system delivered is used for pre-survey of the Bander Abbas port in Iran. Third system used for dredger positioning in Algeria.

  • 1974 - 1976

    Production of 10 more systems. System number 13 is delivered to Ugland in Norway for the positioning of a pipe laying vessel equipped with Thomson CSF DP system, comprising an analogue system controlling the vessel’s azimuth thrusters.

  • 1976

    Production of first 10 Artemis Mk3 systems. Improvements included an increase in range to 30km. DP manufacturers Kongsberg Maritime and GEC (latterly Marconi) show interest in the system capabilities.

  • 1977 - 1979

    Production and delivery of 20 Mk3 systems.

  • 1979

    CHL receives an order for 30 Mk3 systems.

  • 1981

    Call for additional fixed stations and explosion proof fixed stations.

  • 1982

    Delivery of the 100th Artemis system. Received an order from Kongsberg Maritime for 35 Mk3 systems.

  • 1988

    Introduction of the Artemis Mk4 sensor. A total of 250 stations have now been sold.

  • 2002

    Introduction of Artemis Mk5 sensor. There are now a total of 275 stations installed worldwide.

  • 2015

    Guidance Marine complete Artemis product and brand acquisition. New Dashboard and Service Interface developed and released by Guidance Marine for the Artemis Mk5 system.

  • 2016

    Artemis Mk6 system launched with a range of 10km. Orders received from Kongsberg and Teekay.


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