First RadaScan View® sensors installed in Aberdeen and the Gulf of Mexico

May News

Guidance Marine's new RadaScan View system has been installed on a number of vessels in Aberdeen and the Gulf of Mexico. Introduced earlier this year as an evolution of Guidance Marine's RadaScan technology, the RadaScan View sensor is a combined position reference sensor and navigation radar. As part of the latest industry standard Dashboard from Guidance Marine, the RadaScan View sensor includes the ability to confirm that RadaScan responders are located in optimal positions, and can provide an early warning against the inadvertent moving of responders during an operation.

By introducing the View feature to RadaScan technology, DP Operators can achieve a higher level of operational safety for these applications, more choice and higher levels of redundancy. Current position references offer a limited view of the ‘real world’ environment. As today’s operations become more and more complex, providing situational awareness to an operator can help prevent an incident by providing early warning, and allowing more time to correct a potential issue.

Building on Guidance Marine's proven pedigree, the RadaScan View system enhances traditional microwave DP reference sensors to provide additional situational awareness directly at the DP Operators’ station.

Bridge environment vs real world conditions View Benefits

Above: RadaScan View Dashboard taken from a recent sea trial onboard the Edda Ferd
approaching the Gannet Alpha platform in the North Sea.
  • Radar suitable for the 500m zone
  • Combined positioning and radar Dashboard
  • Adds situational awareness to DP operator interface
  • Confirms RadaScan responder locations on the Asset
  • Provides an early warning against the inadvertent moving of responders 


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