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4.10 Software Release

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Guidance Marine strives to supply the best in class in position reference sensors to Dynamic Positioning (DP) enabled vessels. We focus on reliability so our customers can remain on charter with fast and dependable target acquisition allowing maximum operational efficiency and safe operations. Information contained in this article refers to CyScan sensor software 4.10 including the Dashboard graphical user interface (GUI) for the CyScan Mk4 system.

New Key Features

Improved associated multi-target tracker
The enhanced multi-target tracking algorithm enables a greater resilience and improved reliability for multi-target operations.

Elevation to targets

The CyScan sensor has the option to report ChartRange™. This calculated range is equivalent to the range as displayed on a chart to an installation. This can be useful in close quarters positioning for some operations. This feature is currently installed on the world’s largest platform installation/decommissioning and pipelay vessel.

Independent multi-target tracking
The latest CyScan sensor software has a multi-target, independent track algorithm specifically developed for special applications where some or all the targets have the freedom to move relative to each other, such as seismic surveys and simultaneous operations.

For more information please see 94-0501-4-A CyScan Multi-Target Tracking Scheme User Guide.

New processor module
The new and improved features in the 4.10 software release have been implemented on our latest processor platform and operating system. The new platform provides protection against obsolescence, is backwards compatible and provides additional processing capability for future sensor technology developments.

Guidance Marine Benefits

Common Dashboard Interface
The Guidance Marine Dashboard is a user interface that has been logically structured and carefully designed to provide an intuitive user experience. The same user interface philosophy is used on all of our local position reference sensors to make sure Guidance Marine trained operators will already be comfortable with the interface, aiding the efficiency and ease of use.

3 Year Warranty
We take pride in leading the market with our 3 year warranty; introduced in April 2014 it offers the best peace of mind available as standard today. It reflects the confidence we have in our products and the benefit of years of continuous engineering improvements and proven experience with all Dynamic Positioning suppliers in the harshest environments. We recognise our customers need to maximise vessel uptime, keep fleet costs to a minimum, and have the highest specification vessels capable of winning the highest value contracts.

Our confidence in the robustness of our products gives you peace of mind.

4.10 Software Release

The software release is compatible with CyScan Mk4 sensors with part number 20-0088-1-J and is available now.

Direct ChartRange™ is an order time option.

To discuss your upgrade options, new software release and training, please contact a member of Customer Services or your Sales representative.

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