Artemis® system legacy: 40 years on

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ARTEMISAutomatic Ranging Theodolite Eradiating Microwave Signals

Since its first demonstration in Brighton, UK, during the winter of 1969, to the delivery of the 100th Artemis system in 1982, nearly 50 years on we reflect on the pedigree of the Artemis system and what the acquisition means for Guidance Marine as custodian of the Artemis brand. The Artemis system, first introduced to the offshore market in 1972 is the undisputed, world leading, long-range microwave position reference sensor typically used today for dynamic positioning of tankers against major infrastructure at sea.

"This is a strategic acquisition for Guidance Marine. It extends the reach of our existing product portfolio of market leading local position reference sensors. Guidance Marine has extensive expertise in laser and microwave technology and a customer centric attitude. This makes us the right people to build on more than 40 years of successful ARTEMIS history. We will bring our technical and commercial skills, processes and innovation to an exciting new generation of ARTEMIS products"

Jan Grothusen - Chief Executive Officer

The evolution of shuttle tanker and FPSO operations

The development of DP operated shuttle tankers represents a significant contribution to the successful history of offshore loading in the North Sea. Successful Artemis system trials were held with Statoil in 1981 at a single point loading facility at the Statfjord Field using MT Wilnora. Initially it was introduced more as an experiment rather than a permanent solution. It was considered at the time as a stop-gap measure to get oil ashore, the intention being, in the long run, to construct a pipeline from Statfjord to shore. However, the results of the 1981 experiment were sufficiently encouraging for Statoil and then, the industry as a whole, to consider exports by DP shuttle tanker as a life of field solution rather than a short term interim expedient. DP operation of shuttle tankers was a significant step in the industry. Single point mooring has now been overtaken in importance by FPSO to shuttle tanker offloading.

Today it is common operation procedure and has become a routine practice accepted by the oil industry. Over 10 years ago there were more than 50 DP tankers in operation serving more than 40 different oil fields in the North Sea, Canadian and Brazilian waters. Today this number is still growing with an estimated 150+ shuttle tankers in operation, as is the evolution of the Artemis sensor under the influence of Guidance Marine.

In 2001, IMCA issued an information note M24/01 to remind operators that 2 DARPS could not be considered as good as two independent position references. This means that loading operations should not continue on DGPS and DARPS alone.

Artemis system today

Guidance Marine completed the full acquisition of the Artemis product and brand from CHL in 2015. Today, the company is the proud custodian of the Artemis brand. Building on more than 40 years of successful Artemis history, and now as part of the Guidance Marine product portfolio, the Artemis sensor allows Guidance Marine to supply their customers with relative positioning sensors from 10m to 5,000m, including a package that has been tailored for shuttle tanker owners and operators. Upgrade and training programmes are available for operators that wish to refine their Artemis system skills.

The next generation Artemis Dashboard

Then Now


Then and now: The legacy RESON Dashboard user interface alongside Guidance Marine's Artemis Dashboard. Based on DPO feedback, at a glance Coordinates Mode
gives the operator all the numeric and signal strength data required.

Today’s users will be more familiar with the old Teledyne RESON B.V. user interface. Guidance Marine visited a number of shuttle tankers engaging with end users of the Artemis system to further understand their requirements and added co-ordinates mode to the Dashboard following comments. These improvements have also been made in the CyScan and RadaScan Dashboards – maintaining our coordinated approach to user interfaces, such that there is a benefit for the user in training.


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