Authors: S Heriot, T Coggins, M Mudrinic & A Stead, Guidance Marine, UK
H Busshoff, Bernard Schulte Ship Management, Germany
O M Husøy, Marine Technologies, Norway
Date: 30 - 31 March 2016 

Presented at Offshore Wind Farm Support Vessels 2016

Standard navigation and positioning techniques used in offshore oil and gas are not optimised for navigating inside a wind farm. Unlike an offshore supply vessel servicing an oil platform which may have 1 or 2 approaches per day, wind service vessels may visit as many as 50 wind turbines in a single day. This requires fast and efficient turnaround times without compromising safety.

This paper discusses the challenges of existing position reference systems including laser and DGPS systems and considers the use of a new type of sensor that utilises the physical environment rather than discrete targets to reference position from.

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