Author: Dave Sanderson

Laser position reference sensors are commonly found on vessels which service the offshore wind industry.
These reference sensors were originally developed for station keeping in the vicinity of an oil platform. Guidance Marine manufactures the CyScan range of laser sensors and associated retroreflective targets.

In this document Guidance Marine presents proposals for reflector combinations and configurations of reflector targets for use specifically in offshore wind industry. Typically this would be for ‘walk to work’ operations. 

  • Proposal 1 - A tube target, which is mounted to hang down vertically from the crew landing platform
  • Proposal 2 - High grade diamond tape stuck on the turbine column vertically at 2 meter intervals above the crew landing platform
  • Proposal 3 – the use of Rugged Prism targets, appropriately mounted on the turbine column

Guidance Marine recommends the use of prism reflectors (proposal 3) as the only safe solution suitable to work with laser PRS in offshore wind. The reasoning behind this statements is outlined below.

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