RadaScan® View

Real time situational awareness for DP Operators

RadaScan View

While retaining RadaScan technology's precision and all weather capabilities, the RadaScan View system accurately measures the range and bearing of up to 4 intelligent microwave targets called responders, allowing for the calculation of vessel position and heading. The system enables automated approach and station keeping relative to a rig or platform, or to another vessel. With the supplementary View Dashboard, DP Operators can see responders in relation to the structure on a single screen.

By introducing the View feature to RadaScan technology, DP Operators can achieve a higher level of operational safety for these applications, more choice and higher levels of redundancy. 

Current position references offer a limited view of the ‘real world’ environment. As today’s operations become more and more complex, providing situational awareness to an operator can help prevent an incident by providing early warning, and allowing more time to correct a potential issue. 

Building on Guidance Marine's proven pedigree, the RadaScan View system enhances traditional microwave DP reference sensors to provide additional situational awareness directly at the DP Operators’ station.

Bridge environment vs real world conditions; now with the new RadaScan View system

An evolution of Guidance Marine's RadaScan technology, the RadaScan View system is a combined position reference sensor and navigation radar. As part of the latest industry standard Dashboard from Guidance Marine, the RadaScan View sensor includes the ability to confirm that RadaScan responders are located in optimal positions, and can provide an early warning against the inadvertent moving of responders during an operation.

Current position reference user interfaces only show the positions of the targets that have been detected. RadaScan View allows confirmation of responder locations on the asset as well as providing the ability to monitor for the inadvertent moving of responders. Where assets require the vessel’s high power navigational radar to be turned off in the 500m zone, the RadaScan View sensor enables vessel approach to assets to be carried out with more confidence.


  • All weather operation
  • Automatic target detection
  • Standard 3 year warranty and worldwide support network
  • Robust construction - high performance in all weather conditions and sea states
  • Innovative user friendly touch screen Dashboard control
  • Tracking and data logging capability
  • Ease of use for quick set-up and operation

View Dashboard

  • Radar suitable for the 500m zone
  • Combined positioning and radar Dashboard
  • Adds situational awareness to DP Operator interface
  • Confirms RadaScan responder locations on the Asset
  • Provides an early warning against the inadvertent moving of responders
  • Operating range up to 600m
  • Close range operation from 10m
  • Full 360º scanning
  • Multi target capability - navigable off 2 responders during the same operation
  • Multi-target operation gives structure heading
  • Interfaces to all known DP systems
  • RF immunity - resistant to X and S band when installed correctly
  • IP66 certified
  • EN60945 certified

The RadaScan View system is suitable for applications which use fixed structures such as:

  • Platform, offshore and multi-purpose supply vessel operations
  • Wind farms servicing
  • Accommodation barge operation
  • Crew boats station keeping
  • Dive and ROV support
The RadaScan View system is also suitable for DP applications with mobile structures such as:
  • Track and ship-follow
  • Shuttle tanker loading
  • Pipe and cable laying
  • Rock dumping
  • Replenishment at sea
The RadaScan View Dashboard is a clear display and intuitive user interface enabling DP Operators to use the RadaScan View sensor safely and effectively. The RadaScan View sensor includes a supplementary feature compared to the RadScan range with a radar image implemented into the Dashboard which adds an additional layer of situational awareness for the operator.
  • Ergonomically friendly - user centred design for ease of use and simple target acquisition
  • Optional touch screen control
  • Minimalist design to reduce operational ambiguity
  • Simple, clear and concise numeric range, bearing and heading data
  • Sensor control, configuration, alarm handling and data logging functionality
  • Control, clarity and complete visibility of the sensor and target(s) operational environment
  • DPO is in full control of the system and data stream being fed to the DP system
  • Comprehensive user friendly operator's and installer's guides
  • Operation friendly day and night mode
The same user interface philosophy is used in our Artemis and CyScan systems, helping to make sure that Guidance Marine trained operators will already be familiar with the controls.

Microwave sensors (RadaScan system) operate with a variety of intelligent microwave targets called responders. Available in a variety of power options to suit the operation, responders can be mounted on a fixed structure, such as an offshore oil-platform for station-keeping, or on another moving vessel for track-and-follow operations.  


  • RadaScan compatible - 360º navigation off one responder
  • ATEX and CSA certified
  • All weather operation
  • Unique coded ID
  • Auto target detection
  • Single or multiple responder capability
  • Various power options

Power Options

Mounting Options

  • Guidance Marine provide a universal swivel bracket which is suitable for all responder power and installation options. 

Best Practice and Maintenance

Guidance Marine recommends fixed installation for all responders regardless of whether it is a short or long term operation.

The Primary Cell Pack (PCP) has a nominal 24/7 use expected life-time of 12 months under average temperature conditions, therefore the batteries will require replacing.  No maintenance is required on the rechargeable responder. For more information click here.

Responders can be purchased directly through Guidance Marine Direct  Visit Marine Direct Website

    Patents granted or pending: GB 2478954, EP 2369363

    Applicable to RadaScan and Responders (rechargeable, PCP, mains)


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