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Gulf of Mexico sea trial: The sensor measures the range to the
nearest object and a warning output when a potential hazard is
detected. An accurate range measurement is displayed on the

RangeGuard® is the first sensor developed by Guidance Marine that does not use fixed targets - it uses the surrounding environment and provides an additional level of situational awareness.

Based on radar technology, the system measures the distance to the nearest object. A number of RangeGuard sensors located around a vessel acting like a parking sensor - or electronic bumper to provide SafeSurround.

Used in a wide range of applications:

  • Docking - The RangeGuard docking system measures the range to the quayside, removing the need for the crew to estimate the distance by eye. Range measurements are displayed through a user interface via a web browser, reducing risk of miscommunication.

  • Wind Farms - A cost effective, all weather solution to enable faster approach times and improved safety. With navigation no longer 100% reliant on DGPS or expensive reflector laser targets, the RangeGuard sensors can be used for close proximity navigation to and from the turbine. With DP input option.

  • Ship-to-Ship transfers - The RangeGuard system provides a targetless and easy to install solution for ship-to-ship transfers. Using fixed beam radar, a warning is output when user defined range limits are breached. Upgradeable to a maximum of 4 sensors with both spot or flood beams, the customisable beam width gives the user flexibility for a variety of operations.

The conversation of hazard detection has begun: are you involved?

The RangeGuard system and the Dashboard will be demonstrated at various conferences and exhibitions this year. To be added to the mailing list for your region, please click here.

If you’re a vessel operator and would like to discuss how the RangeGuard sensor could be a suitable application for your operations, please contact Sasha Heriot.

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