Captain Hussam discusses the latest Dynamic Positioning technology at the Offshore Symposium 2015 in Abu Dhabi

January News

Captain Hussam Suyyagh of Zakum Development Co. (ZADCO) at the Offshore Symposium in December addressed delegates on new technology for dynamic positioning. His presentation, Latest Developments in Design & Controls DP Systems Technology covered the latest position reference sensors from Guidance Marine, including RangeGuard®, RadaScan View® systems, as well as Absolute Signature.  

The new sensors from Guidance Marine have been designed to address industry needs and provide safer DP operations.

  1. Absolute Signature: Complete elimination of false reflections (high vis jackets)
  2. RadaScan View: Adds situational awareness - has all the hardware necessary for targetless solution - Guidance Marine currently working on the software.
  3. RangeGuard: Targetless position reference sensors

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