CyScan and RadaScan systems used in Float-Over operation in Malaysia

October News

The video shows the float-over installation of a 15,748 ton topside on an offshore facility off Malaysia using dynamic positioning and the Dockwise managed heavy lift vessel Hai Yang Shi You (HYSY) 278. 

The CyScan and RadaScan systems were installed by a Guidance Marine service engineer onboard the HYSY 278. The sensors served as backup for the primary DGPS system, allowing the vessel to adhere to the DP-2 class requirements which required backup systems for the DGPS. As rental units, these systems were ideal for the short-term operation, with the total installation taking little over 6 hours.

"Both sensors contributed to the successful DP Assisted Float-over and for future projects we are sure to consider use of RadaScan and CyScan again"

Pim Braspenning - Project Engineer

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