ARTEMIS: Mk5 End of Life notification – Introduction of Mk6

March News

Artemis Mk5


On 17th of March 2015 Guidance Marine (GM) successfully completed the full acquisition of the ARTEMIS product and brand from CHL Netherlands.

Having now taken over production it has come to our attention that, as a result of component obsolescence, there are a finite number of Mk5s that remain. Our current estimate is that, at the current run rate, the Mk5 version is likely to become obsolete towards the end of the yearThis acquisition was for all branding, versions and history but, in particular, the current Mk5 product and a new version in development - the Mk6.

In line with Guidance Marine’s policy of providing its customers with clear End of Life (EOL) communications we are bringing this matter to your attention now, at the earliest opportunity. 
Customers should note that the EOL may be sooner or later depending on product demand and our ability to obtain further sources of the obsolescent components. Customers should also note that development of the Mk6 is at an advanced stage and Guidance Marine will be accelerating the current field trials to ensure its availability ahead of schedule and in time for the EOL of Mk5.

Provision has been made for customers with 10 years spares contracts but you are nonetheless advised to contact Guidance Marine to discuss your spares requirements and ensure that sufficient provision is in place. The limited number of Mk5 units will also limit the Spares Last Time Buy opportunity.

Please note that the Mk6 will work with Mk5s but NOT with Mk4s or earlier versions. An FPSO fitted with a Mk5 will work with shuttle tankers fitted with Mks 4, 5 or 6. An FPSO fitted with a Mk 6 will only work with shuttle tankers fitted with Mks 5 or 6.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the upgrade options then please do not hesitate to contact your Guidance Marine sales representative.

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