Rugged Prism launched through new online sales website, Marine.Direct

January News

Guidance Marine Direct (GMD) is the new online sales platform for Guidance Marine. A sales store, has been designed to facilitate the sale of peripheral items; particularly focusing on targets, prisms, responders and sensor spares. For instance, Guidance Marine are now taking orders for the NEW Rugged Prism on the Guidance Marine Direct website with orders already placed by Harvey Gulf – Operations and Boskalis bv, Guidance Marine can see the Rugged Prism being very beneficial for all vessels and offshore platforms.

The Rugged Prism has a tough exterior for it to withstand harsher environments and also has a brightly coloured exterior to allow vessels to identify the target from a further distance. With its new bracket system, it is able to be installed in various different methods to meet the consumer’s needs.

One new feature of installation is the easy ‘drop on’ design which allows the prism to hold position on a rail without the need of U-bolts for temporary use. Reap the benefits of the NEW Rugged Prism by visiting and placing your order with ease and confidence.

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