Milestone for CyScan Mk4

December News

Guidance Marine CyScan Mk4
During the month of December, Guidance shipped the 1000th CyScan Mk4. At this historic milestone Guidance wants to thank everyone for making this product an incredible success and without the growing contribution of employees, suppliers and customers alike this would not have been possible. The company has built on the success of the Mk3, first shipped in 2001, and has now firmly cemented itself as the standard laser sensor of choice for all DP integrators. 

“We use CyScan on all of our vessels. They beat the competition hands down. The service and support we receive from Guidance is top notch, you will not go wrong with this unit"
– Derrick Green, Marine Superintendent at CCC Underwater Engineering (November 2013)

Guidance is committed to achieving further major milestones as the company progresses through 2014 and will strive to continually be recognised by all of our customers for accurate, reliable, high performance products.

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