The First Targetless Laser Position Reference Sensor is Here!

May News

Guidance Marine has released the first targetless laser position reference sensor - SceneScan. Unlike traditional laser PRS, SceneScan does not use reflector targets. It scans and tracks the features in the surrounding environment. For the vessel operators and asset managers, this means:

  • More efficient operations
    • Faster to set up on DP
    • Non-stop 360 manoeuvre around an asset on DP without having to move targets
  • Lower costs
    • No targets required for SceneScan
    • No maintenance of targets
  • Safer
    • No risk of obscuration of targets
    • No risk moving of targets
    • Eliminates any possibility of a walk-off incident

To find more information about SceneScan please CLICK HERE

The improved Dashboard user interface not only displays the reference point, but also the scan of the asset. A video demo of the SceneScan Dashboard can be seen HERE.

SceneScan is designed to be used for station keeping and manoeuvres close to the asset and because it relies on the new targetless operating principle it provides additional redundancy for safer operations as recommended by the MTS DP committee Read the report here.


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