Docking Support for Cruise Vessels

SmartQuay is a distance and lateral approach speed measurement solution to assist a cruise vessel coming into port over the last portion of its manoeuvre from tens of metres down to near contact.

Based on camera technology, SmartQuay measures the precise distance to the quayside as a vessel comes into dock from tens of meters to near contact. It uses real-time video analytics from daylight and thermal infrared cameras to give a precise gap measurement between the vessel hull and the quayside. The combined camera technology enables the system to be used in all weather conditions and light levels. It can be mounted on the sides of the vessel, or the bow or stern as required by the docking procedure of the vessel.

  • Real time quay measurement
  • Adaptable to ever-changing quaysides
  • Immune to GPS/GNSS spoofing or jamming
  • Increases docking efficiency
  • Suitable for short range operations
  • Easy to mount
  • Targetless operation (No dedicated Quayside infrastructure)

SmartQuay provides coverage of the port and starboard side of the vessel so that the object features can be tracked even when partially occluded.

Video analytics:
The real-time video analytics is performed independently for each sensor to allow for shorter quays that may not cover the full length of the vessel.

SmartQuay delivers an accurate gap measurement between the vessel and the nearest extended object (e.g. a quay, pier or fender) during docking operations. The system uses a set of network cameras to detect such objects; monitoring the gap as the operation progresses. SmartQuay architecture combines an LWIR camera (Long Wave Infra Red) with a Visual Spectrum camera into a sensor pod. These are mounted fore and aft; port and starboard on each vessel. The LWIR sensor delivers high-performance object detection regardless of lighting conditions while the daylight sensor provides an improved user experience when displaying the measurement on a User Interface.

The SmartQuay system provides bridge operation enhancements such as:

  • Increase visibility with relevant data
  • Assists with visual obstructions e.g. lifeboats and panoramic decks
  • Optional integration with existing bridge console and other navigation systems
  • Measures the range and closing speed to any nearby quayside

    The SmartQuay Dashboard has been logically structured and carefully designed to provide a clear intuitive interface that maximises the opportunities of multi-touch user control and touchscreen technology. The innovative user interface enables DPOs to use SmartQuay safely and effectively whilst providing optimum positioning performance.

    • Ergonomically friendly - user-centred design for ease of use 
    • View multiple pod sensors on one dashboard
    • Optional full-screen modes
    • Optional touchscreen control
    • Minimalist design to reduce operational ambiguity
    • Simple, clear and concise numeric range, bearing and heading data
    • Data logging functionality
    • Clarity and complete visibility of the sensor and the scene's operational environment
    • Operation friendly day and night mode

    The user interface is common across all sensors, to aid productivity and reduce cost of ownership.

    Service Interface

    A dedicated commissioning tool offers a much faster set-up time, including handling all set-up parameters from the PC rather than out at the sensor. It can also be used to read the position data when the system is in operation. This greatly improves commissioning and maintenance turnaround time.


    Patents granted or pending: US 62/638,877


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