The first targetless laser position reference sensor

The SceneScan System is a high accuracy rotating laser sensor to provide positional information to allow automated approach and/or station keeping relative to a structure or vessel. It is designed to be semi-portable and straightforward to operate.

SceneScan provides tracking information relative to natural or man-made structures within the sensor field of view. It tracks by matching its current observation of the scene against a map generated from previous observations of the scene.

  • Additional independent DP reference sensor
  • No targets required
  • Designed for close proximity
  • Automatic reference point selection
  • Maximum uptime from rotor design
  • Modular sensor design aids in-vessel servicing
  • No prisms, no maintenance
  • Robust construction - high performance in all weather conditions and sea states
  • Standard 3 year warranty and worldwide support network
  • Innovative user friendly touch screen Dashboard control
  • Tracking and data logging capability
  • Ease of use for quick set-up and operation
  • Easy upgrade options in the field via remote installer
  • Operating range up to 200m
  • Close range operation from 10m
  • Full 360º scanning
  • Automatic wave compensation
  • Laser pulse rate 7.5kHz 
  • Class 1M laser classification
  • Position off the Scene
  • Interfaces to all DP systems
  • Ethernet communication 

The SceneScan system is suitable for applications which use fixed structures such as:

  • Platform, offshore and multi-purpose supply vessel operations
  • Accommodation barge operation
  • Crew boat station keeping
  • Dive and ROV support
  • Fish farm

The Scene system is also suitable for DP applications with mobile structures such as:

  • Track and ship-follow
  • Shuttle tanker loading
  • Pipe and cable laying
  • Rock dumping
  • Replenishment at sea

Guidance Marine has developed a new feature for its targetless laser sensor which is designed for use on wind farm Service Operation Vessels (SOVs). The new version of the software allows the sensor to measure range and bearing to the offshore wind turbine without the use of targets:

  • No expenditure on targets
  • No targets so no maintenance costs of targets
  • Faster vessel turnaround times
  • Monopole tracking gives much greater positioning robustness for wind farm support vessels
  • Use in conjunction with RangeGaurd Monopole to be completely independent of targets and fulfil 2 modes of redundancy
  • Can be switched between monopole operation and other asset tracking operation with a simple switch

The SceneScan Dashboard has been logically structured and carefully designed to provide a clear intuitive interface that maximises the opportunities of multi-touch user control and touchscreen technology. The innovative user interface enables DPOs to use SceneScan safely and effectively whilst providing optimum positioning performance.

  • Ergonomically friendly - user centred design for ease of use 
  • Optional full screen modes
  • Optional touchscreen control
  • Minimalist design to reduce operational ambiguity
  • Simple, clear and concise numeric range, bearing and heading data
  • Sensor control, configuration, alarm handling and data logging functionality
  • Control, clarity and complete visibility of the sensor and the scene's operational environment
  • DPO is in full control of the system and data stream being fed to the DP system
  • Comprehensive user friendly all in one guide for installing and operating SceneScan
  • Operation friendly day and night mode

The user interface is common across all sensors, to aid productivity and reduce cost of ownership.

Service Interface

A dedicated commissioning tool offers a much faster set-up time, including handling all set-up parameters from the PC rather than out at the sensor. It can also be used to read the position data when the system is in operation. This greatly improves commissioning and maintenance turnaround time.

Patents granted or pending: GB 1522853.9


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