SafeSurround: Hazard Detection Sensors

A breakthrough in vessel and asset safety - delivered through our RangeGuard® products

SafeSurround consists of four RangeGuard sensors - two stern mounted (port and starboard) and on a single mount two at the bow. Additional bridge protection can be fitted to protect against high level hazards. Like a vehicle parking sensor SafeSurround provides audio and visual alarms to alert the marine of oncoming hazards. The SafeSurround software allows appropriate distance and speed of approach warning limits to be set according to the vessel and the operation.

With collisions becoming more frequent within the 500m zone, SafeSurround offers a simple, low cost response for vessel owners seeking to take proactive mitigating action and keep their vessel on contract. The system is DP ready for those DP Integrators developing Hazard Detection DP inputs (expected 2016/17). Currently the system works as an independent stand-alone bridge alarm.

Installation is made simple with minimal penetrations and integral software automatically deployed direct for the sensor.

Facilitating the relationship between the oil rig and the vessel

  1. Through position reference sensors our customers know where they are
  2. Through environmental sensors our customers know the forces acting on the vessel
       We do not know what hazards are around us


The first hazard detection sensor for dynamic positioning
Range: 300m

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