Responder Maintenance

Battery Replenishment

To ensure that our customers are maximising the performance of their RadaScan or Mini RadaScan sensor it is important that maintenance of the primary cell pack (PCP) responder is carried out. Unlike the mains powered or rechargeable power options, the primary cell pack has a nominal 24/7 use expected life-time of 12 months under average temperature conditions, therefore the batteries will require replacing. No maintenance is required on the rechargeable responder.

A reduction in battery life will not degrade the signal strength transmitted by the responder, however with an expected life of 12 months it is important regular checks are undertaken.

Authorised Partners

Guidance Marine is able to supply and fit new batteries for Primary Cell Pack (PCP) responders. To avoid return to base maintenance, Aberdeen based authorised partners who service responders are listed below.

PCPs can only be serviced in an ATEX safe environment, using batteries supplied by the original manufacturer.

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