Marine proximity sensor for Hazard Detection

With the size of today's vessels, more variable crew skills and greater bridge complexity, Hazard Detection is essential for safer operations. The RangeGuard system measures the distance to the nearest object. Based on radar technology, the unit is a plug and play proximity sensor to detect unseen objects for vessel protection.  A number of RangeGuard sensors located around a vessel act like a parking sensor - or electronic bumper to provide SafeSurround.

The sensor measures the range to the nearest object and a warning output when a potential hazard is detected within user defined protection zones. An accurate range measurement is displayed on the Dashboard.

  • Detects objects within 300mRangeGuard
  • Faster turnaround time (no target handover required)
  • Reduce risk of collision
  • All weather operation
  • Solid state - no moving parts
  • Targetless operation
  • Spot or flood beam width options
  • Complementary to existing position reference sensors
    • The RangeGuard system is suitable for applications which use mobile and fixed structures such as:

      • Wind Farms - A cost effective, all weather solution to enable faster approach times and improved safety, the RangeGuard and SceneSccan system work in tandem to provide the complete solution for wind farm navigation. With navigation no longer 100% reliant on DGPS, the microwave sensors can be used for both field-wide positioning and close proximity navigation to and from the turbine.
      • Ship-to-Ship transfers - The RangeGuard system provides a targetless and easy to install solution for ship-to-ship transfers. Using fixed beam radar, a warning is output when a potential hazard is detected within user defined protection zones. Upgradeable to a maximum of 4 sensors with both spot or flood beams, the customisable beam width gives the user flexibility for a variety of operations.
      • Super Yachts - A close range proximity sensor for hazard detection, the RangeGuard system provides 360º visibility and all weather protection for commercial shipping, passenger ships and pleasure yachts. Like a vehicle parking sensor SafeSurround provides audio and visual alarms to alert the mariner of oncoming hazards.
      • Docking - The dockside RangeGuard system measures the range to the nearest object, removing the need for the crew to berth by eye. Range measurements are displayed through a simple to set up user interface via a web browser, reducing onboard miscommunication.

      The RangeGuard Dashboard has been logically structured and carefully designed to provide a clear intuitive interface that maximises the opportunities of multi-touch user control and touch screen technology. The innovative user interface enables Operators to use RangeGuard safely and effectively whilst providing optimum positioning performance.

      • Ergonomically friendly - user centred design for ease of use and simple target acquisition
      • Optional touch screen control
      • Minimalist design to reduce operational ambiguity
      • Simple, clear and concise numeric range, bearing and heading data
      • Sensor control, configuration, alarm handling and data logging functionality
      • Control, clarity and complete visibility of the sensor and target(s) operational environment
      • Comprehensive user friendly operator's and installer's guides
      • Operation friendly day and night mode
      RangeGuard Dashboard
      RangeGuard Dashboard
      RangeGuard Dashboard

      RangeGuard SafeSurround consists of four RangeGuard sensors - two stern mounted (port and starboard) and on a single mount two at the bow. Additional bridge protection can be fitted to protect against high level hazards. Like a vehicle parking sensor SafeSurround provides audio and visual alarms to alert the marine of oncoming hazards. The SafeSurround software allows appropriate distance and speed of approach warning limits to be set according to the vessel and the operation.

      With collisions becoming more frequent within the 500m zone, SafeSurround offers a simple, low cost response for vessel owners seeking to take proactive mitigating action and keep their vessel on contract. The system is DP ready for those DP Integrators developing Hazard Detection DP inputs (expected 2016/17). Currently the system works as an independent stand-alone bridge alarm.

      Installation is made simple with minimal penetrations and integral software automatically deployed direct for the sensor.


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