Our Company

Guidance Marine is an internationally successful, award winning company, with a strong track record of delivering significant safety and cost benefits by bringing innovative position measurement technologies to high value markets across several continents.

A leading global developer and supplier of Dynamic Positioning (DP) position measurement technologies for high value offshore marine markets for real-time vessel positioning and manoeuvring with the highest level of safety, reliability and ease of use.

Guidance Marine invests heavily in its people and in their skills with innovation as pivotal culture around everything we do. The expertise, passion, ambition and collective team ethos forms the cornerstone of our business. We are committed to maintaining our position as a leading technology company and we believe it is our technology, investment in innovation and products, that will help shape the future of our industries.

Industry Memberships

Our Customer Base

Vessel Masters & DP Operators

Guidance Marine strives to supply the best in class position reference sensors to Dynamic Positioning (DP) enabled vessels - mostly in the Oil & Gas industry. We focus on reliability - so you can remain on charter - and fast and dependable target acquisition - allowing you to DP early and offload fast and safely. We remain the only supplier to offer a three year warranty and to have fog tested our laser product. For hose work or other long periods of close proximity DP, Guidance Marine is your dependable partner.

Fleet Owners

Guidance Marine recognises our customers need to maximise vessel uptime, keep fleet costs to a minimum, and have high specification vessels capable of winning the highest value contracts. With a global spares and service network, supported by our own offices and service staff in Singapore, New Orleans we can mobilise technicians and spares anywhere in the world at very short notice. Our fleet upgrade contracts offer life-of-vessel support that ensures your costs are minimised. The quality and ease of use of our equipment guarantees the support of captains.

Oil Majors/Duty Holders

Offshore installations are best protected by Guidance Marine. Only Guidance Marine offer both laser and microwave products that allow the vessel to engage the DP system from 1000m. Our patented technology minimises the danger of false targets and unexpected vessel movement. Our range of reliable and rugged laser and microwave targets provide the lowest cost route to ensuring Offshore Installations are appropriately instrumented to incoming vessels. Guidance Marine are our customers partner for safe long period hose work and tight weather windows. Guidance Marine works hard to add value to your supply fleet.

DP Integrators

We are the market leaders in the local Position Reference Sensor (PRS) market and we aim to keep it that way. You can be sure that Guidance Marine will continue to innovate, continue to offer best in class and continue to improve our market leading products to offer year on year enhanced value. A full third of our revenue is invested back into improving and enriching our current product line. We recognise the need for long quote validations and simple pricing structures. Our unrivalled sales documentation allows our customers sales staff to train quickly and communicate the benefits of Guidance Marine sensors effectively. If you want to offer the best PRS at the lowest cost and be able to win business by demonstrating that value added to your customer, choose Guidance Marine.


Our sensors are plug and play. Source from your DP Integrator or source direct. All major DP systems will accept our sensors. We have sales representatives within 24 hours of any shipyard. Our flexible supply allows our customers to integrate with their own PCs and displays. We offer upgrade and retrofit cable and mounting bracket assemblies that make system upgrade and sensor exchange as simple as possible.

Front End Engineering Design

We offer comprehensive design notes for topside vessel approach instrumentation design. We work with Front End Engineering Design (FEED) partners to ensure they can present their clients with designs that will improve safety and supply turnaround times. More topside FEED telecom designers are becoming aware of the importance of good vessel approach instrumentation and of the value it offers to their client. Don't miss out.

Heritage and Vision

Guidance Marine Technology on Every Vessel

"To provide integrated positioning and hazard detection products and service solutions to deliver high value, safety and efficiency in critical offshore, inshore and inland marine applications"

Company Vision

Guidance Marine has a rich innovative history since being founded in 1991. Since then, our company name has changed more than once, but we've always preserved our core values of innovation, technical excellence and technological integrity.

Navigation, whatever the technology or application has always been in our DNA. We are a company that prides itself on science based innovation, not imitation. The company has, and continues to play, a pivotal role in stimulating change within the markets it operates in. Our business philosophy harnesses personal initiative, as everyone has a contribution to make.

"Constantly maintaining our reputation as the leading technology business through the innovation, passion and ambition of our people - and recommended by our customers globally for intelligent, robust and reliable products"

Mission Statement

Our peoples' passion, pride and enthusiasm stimulates innovative changes throughout the organisation. A strong driver for innovation is an ever increasing customer base, and with a growing portfolio of sensor technologies. Over the years the company has designed, acquired, developed and manufactured devices and systems. These products locate, track, predict and control the absolute and relative movement of objects in complex offshore vessel positioning environments.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Both globally and locally, we have an ongoing commitment to helping and supporting the communities we operate in, better understanding environmental issues and investing in charitable causes. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key pillar in our social strategy. Where possible, Guidance Marine participates in social initiatives that benefits communities. The company is an embodiment of corporate conscience, with a range of broad reaching initiatives being both company and employee driven.

By demonstrating our commitment to CSR, we aim to align our business values, purpose and strategy with the needs of our customers, whilst embedding such responsible ethical principles in everything we do.

Charitable Donations

  • Community project in Brazil to provide teaching materials
  • Key local sponsor for a solar panel initiative at a Leicestershire school
  • Customer led 1000km charitable bike ride through the Tabitha Foundation - two schools built in Cambodia as a result of the expedition
  • Employee led CoderDojo - coding club for young people
  • Dorest Action on Abuse
  • Rainbows Children's Hospice
  • LCFC square mile initiative
  • Sponsor a local U10s football team
  • Ben Nevis Midnight Challenge - the group (including a Guidance Marine employee) raised £75,000 for the Alzheimer's Society.

Supplier Engagement

Guidance Marine works closely with suppliers. To ensure that our high standards are met, we work closely with suppliers to monitor compliance, improve performance and strive for continuous, sustainable improvements throughout our supply chain. Our supply chain is governed by our customers' requirements for robust and reliable products. Our procurement teams collaborate with suppliers to promote transparency throughout the scope of supply to ensure complete visibility of the product cycle, right through the design to manufacturing stages.

Environmental Responsibility

Guidance Marine accepts its responsibilities in environmental matters and recognises that good environmental practices must be an integral and fundamental part of our business. Although we believe that we have a minimal impact on the environment, GM aim to continue to improve its environmental performance through the principles outlined in the company policy.

Delivering our operational plans in line with this policy will enable the company to develop sustainable practices and deliver meaningful contributions to the quality of our environment.

Our Culture

It's only through our people that Guidance Marine can maintain our excellent worldwide reputation as an expert positioning technology company. In order to continually explore and develop innovative new technologies, and to develop commercial products to market through real world testing, we work hard to offer employees excellent rewards and opportunities. We believe in giving our people, from school leavers, graduates and experienced professionals, the freedom and support they need to be effective and innovate whatever position they are in. We also encourage our staff to develop their skills and knowledge through training courses and mentoring.

Our products and processes differentiate us from our competitors. The fundamental difference at Guidance Marine comes from the unique culture and values that underpin the way we run the company and the way we behave.

Our company is renowned for its integrity, reliability and innovation within the market. We believe that all our employees no matter what their role or which country they’re in, has a part to play in maintaining and strengthening our reputation. At the heart of everything we do our customers trust us to deliver the best and our people trust us to make their professional fulfilment a priority.

Together we promote high expectations and unlocking potential within our teams. It’s about recognising exceptional contributions and inspiring others to reach the same heights. At Guidance Marine we all have a role in exploiting our individual talents and creating a culture that drives performance.


Team work and our social events are believed to be key to this success. All of our managers are allocated a budget for their department and are encouraged to organise a social event for their team. Our company also has a football team and other various social groups that allow all employees to attend. Our office environment is full of energy and new ideas, giving all employees an opportunity to have their input. We work in an open office environment and encourage Innovation and aspiring behaviour between our employees.

Communication is a vital part of knitting our team together and we provide our employees with half yearly updates from our board members, quarterly newsletters and regular team meetings within each department.

Our 4 company values are:

  • Entrepreneurial: We work collaboratively to recognise and build on opportunities for profits & growth.
  • Agile: We work effectively, flexibly and efficiently to solve problems quickly.
  • Innovation: We are a technology company with a mind-set that develops useful products, technology platforms & solutions for our customers. 
  • Customer Focus: We provide the highest quality, value and total customer experience.

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