Our Culture

It's only through our people that Guidance Marine can maintain our excellent worldwide reputation as an expert positioning technology company. In order to continually explore and develop innovative new technologies, and to develop commercial products to market through real world testing, we work hard to offer employees excellent rewards and opportunities. We believe in giving our people, from school leavers, graduates and experienced professionals, the freedom and support they need to be effective and innovate whatever position they are in. We also encourage our staff to develop their skills and knowledge through training courses and mentoring.

Our products and processes differentiate us from our competitors. The fundamental difference at Guidance Marine comes from the unique culture and values that underpin the way we run the company and the way we behave.

Our company is renowned for its integrity, reliability and innovation within the market. We believe that all our employees no matter what their role or which country they’re in, has a part to play in maintaining and strengthening our reputation. At the heart of everything we do our customers trust us to deliver the best and our people trust us to make their professional fulfilment a priority.

Together we promote high expectations and unlocking potential within our teams. It’s about recognising exceptional contributions and inspiring others to reach the same heights. At Guidance Marine we all have a role in exploiting our individual talents and creating a culture that drives performance.


Team work and our social events are believed to be key to this success. All of our managers are allocated a budget for their department and are encouraged to organise a social event for their team. Our company also has a football team and other various social groups that allow all employees to attend. Our office environment is full of energy and new ideas, giving all employees an opportunity to have their input. We work in an open office environment and encourage Innovation and aspiring behaviour between our employees.

Communication is a vital part of knitting our team together and we provide our employees with half yearly updates from our board members, quarterly newsletters and regular team meetings within each department.

Our 4 company values are:

  • Entrepreneurial: We work collaboratively to recognise and build on opportunities for profits & growth.
  • Agile: We work effectively, flexibly and efficiently to solve problems quickly.
  • Innovation: We are a technology company with a mind-set that develops useful products, technology platforms & solutions for our customers. 
  • Customer Focus: We provide the highest quality, value and total customer experience.

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