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Expert relative positioning sensors from 1m to 10,000m

Guidance Marine is the leading developer and supplier of local position reference sensors for Dynamic Positioning (DP) and other vessel control systems.

Designed to meet all IMO DP class requirements, our laser and microwave Artemis®, CyScan®, RadaScan® and RangeGuard® sensors can be integrated by all major DP manufacturers and are used on a daily basis by most Offshore, Platform Supply Vessel, Shuttle Tanker and FPSO operators for DP1, DP2 and DP3 class vessels. Our products accurately measure the relative position of the target in relation to the sensor to enable the vessel to hold position and operate safely in close proximity to an installation, immune from GPS errors caused by shadowing or reflections.

Guidance Marine’s products are utilised worldwide in dynamic positioning operations. Typical service operations vessel (SOV) and monopole instrumentation is illustrated here. Click each logo on the illustration below to find out more about each of Guidance Marine’s product offerings.

The business of safety with Position Reference Sensors you can trust

Guidance Marine is the only company able to supply four local reference systems offering the greatest choice on the market. Based in the UK we understand the importance of quick deployment and have sales and service capability in all the major oil producing regions of the world. Underpinned by our 3 year warranty and global support network, our products are robust, reliable and proven to deliver optimum navigational performance in the harshest offshore environments.





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