Exhibitions And Conferences

Guidance Marine will be exhibiting and presenting at the following exhibitions and conferences in 2018, for further information about our attendance at any of the events listed below, please contact marketing@guidance.eu.com

Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium 2018

  • 27 - 29 June 18
  • Stand: N/A

Presenting: Sensor design choices for precise manoeuvring and situational awareness

Whether we’re talking about a fully autonomous vessel or advanced mariner assistance systems, we need position sensor data for two different purposes: first for route finding and collision avoidance; second for precise manoeuvring. These two purposes bring different requirements in terms of accuracy, sensitivity and coverage. We look at how this has worked out in sensor choice and design in recent developments at Guidance Marine for precision manoeuvring support systems incorporating radar, lidar and cameras. We report on practical experience with automated operations and mariner assistance on vessels in service.

Asian Dynamic Positioning Conference

  • 27 - 29 June 18
  • Stand: N/A

Presenting: DPO challenges with an environmentally referenced sensor

DPOs are highly trained in using a variety of position reference equipment. Traditional local position reference systems will often have a target which is tracked and a position relative to that target reported to the user and transmitted to the DP system. The DPO is able to visually verify the presence of the target and the concept of tracking a specific target is commonly understood and also easy to understand.

This arrangement does mean that a PSV is dependent on the asset that it is visiting having well maintained and good quality targets. Transitioning from a targeted sensor to a position reference sensor that does not require targets is advantageous as it breaks a dependency between asset and PSV.

Guidance Marine has a laser position reference sensor which does not require targets for operation, the SceneScan. It scans the asset in its immediate environment and then tracks from that. Many aspects of the SceneScan as a position reference sensor will be familiar to users of traditional position reference sensors. Some other aspects are different to traditional position reference sensors. This talk highlights which aspects of the user experience are the same, which are different and what changes of mindset might a DPO require as they use an environmentally referenced sensor for the first time.

SMM 2018

  • 04 - 07 September 18
  • Stand: TBC

DP Conference 2018

  • 09 - 10 October 18
  • Stand: Booths 7 & 8

Presenting: Challenges of performance testing an environmentally referenced sensor

Traditional laser or microwave local position reference sensor systems comprise a sensor located on the vessel and one or more targets which are positioned on the asset being tracked. The sensor measures the range and bearing between the sensor and the target.

This then provides a measurement with a very clear physical analogue and thus provides a mechanism to measure a ground truth in a test environment against which the measurement can be compared.

Targetless sensors must construct their view of the environment around them before working out how they are moving through that particular environment. The positioning performance may be dependent on the local environment around the sensor and thus additional variables impact on the tracking performance.

This talk discusses how we have been characterising the performance of targetless sensors in order to evaluate how to best include them in DP operations.


  • 12 - 15 November 18
  • Stand: 15374

Presenting: How targetless local position reference sensors will change and improve the experience of DP operato

Targetless local position reference sensors have been recently introduced. Some aspects of their operating characteristics different to traditional position reference sensors. This talk highlights which aspects of the user experience are the same, which are different and what this might mean for DP operations around assets.

International Workboat Show

  • 28 - 30 November 18
  • Stand: TBC

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