Training Dates 2018

Guidance Marine run familiarisation and hands-on troubleshooting courses focusing on Artemis, CyScan AS, CyScan Mk4 and our RadaScan product family. Through a combination of theoretical and practical teachings, experienced field service engineers bring real world experience in a hands-on classroom environment to demonstrate an all round technical and operational understanding of the true product benefits.

We try to offer a concentrated learning group to ensure a high instructor to pupil ratio to ensure attendees get the practical experience required to become fully accustomed with the product. 

The courses are suitable for:

  • DP Operators
  • Electricians
  • Technical Superintendents
  • Service Engineers
Course UK 
CyScan Engineer 5 February
RadaScan Engineer
6 February
CyScan Operator
7 February
RadaScan Operator 8 February
Artemis Operator and Engineer 20 February
CyScan Engineer 21 May
RadaScan Engineer 22 May
CyScan Operator 23 May
RadaScan Operator 24 May
Artemis Operator and Engineer 3 July 
CyScan Engineer 6 August
RadaScan Engineer 7 August
CyScan Operator 8 August
RadaScan Operator 9 August
CyScan Engineer 5 November
RadaScan Engineer 6 November
CyScan Operator 7 November
RadaScan Operator 8 November
Artemis Operator and Engineer 13 November

Course Singapore 
CyScan Engineer 23 January
RadaScan Engineer
24 January
CyScan Operator
25 January
RadaScan Operator 26 January
CyScan Engineer 10 April
RadaScan Engineer 11 April
CyScan Operator 12 April
RadaScan Operator 13 April
CyScan Engineer 10 July
RadaScan Engineer 11 July
CyScan Operator 12 July
RadaScan Operator 13 July
CyScan Engineer 23 October 
RadaScan Engineer 24 October
CyScan Operator 25 October
RadaScan Operator 26 October

Course USA 
CyScan Engineer 12 March
RadaScan Engineer
13 March
CyScan Operator
14 March
RadaScan Operator 15 March
CyScan Engineer
18 June
RadaScan Engineer 19 June
CyScan Operator 20 June
RadaScan Operator 21 June
CyScan Engineer 10 September 
RadaScan Engineer 11 September
CyScan Operator 12 September
RadaScan Operator 13 September
CyScan Engineer 10 December
RadaScan Engineer 11 December
CyScan Operator 12 December
RadaScan Operator 13 December


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