Heritage and Vision

Guidance Marine Technology on Every Vessel

"To provide integrated positioning and hazard detection products and service solutions to deliver high value, safety and efficiency in critical offshore, inshore and inland marine applications"

Company Vision

Guidance Marine has a rich innovative history since being founded in 1991. Since then, our company name has changed more than once, but we've always preserved our core values of innovation, technical excellence and technological integrity.

Navigation, whatever the technology or application has always been in our DNA. We are a company that prides itself on science based innovation, not imitation. The company has, and continues to play, a pivotal role in stimulating change within the markets it operates in. Our business philosophy harnesses personal initiative, as everyone has a contribution to make.

"Constantly maintaining our reputation as the leading technology business through the innovation, passion and ambition of our people - and recommended by our customers globally for intelligent, robust and reliable products"

Mission Statement

Our peoples' passion, pride and enthusiasm stimulates innovative changes throughout the organisation. A strong driver for innovation is an ever increasing customer base, and with a growing portfolio of sensor technologies. Over the years the company has designed, acquired, developed and manufactured devices and systems. These products locate, track, predict and control the absolute and relative movement of objects in complex offshore vessel positioning environments.

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