CyScan® system on-board the Pioneering Spirit assists with the removal of Shell's Brent Delta platform

June News

The Brent Delta oil platform has been stood 115 miles east of Shetland since 1976 but ceased production in 2011. Earlier this month it was moved in a 12 hour major decommissioning operation in the North Sea to Teeside, England. Allseas, the company which operates the decommissioning vessel Pioneering Spirit, said it had set a world record with the removal of the platform. All 16 lifting beams on the offshore construction, decommissioning and pipelay vessel were utilised in the lift, which set a world record for weight lifted in a single lift, at 24,000 tonnes.

Brent Delta is the first major North Sea oil rig to be decommissioned at an estimated cost of £500 million. It is one of four which is due to be removed from the field in the coming years. At its peak in 1982, the four platform were producing more than half a million barrels of oil a day. More than 100 platforms are forecast to be completely or partially removed over the next decade in the waters of the UK and Norway.

"The CyScans were used in ‘normal’ mode for the Brent platform removal. Worked really well! "


CyScan System

The Pioneering Spirit has two CyScan systems installed on-board with targets installed on the Brent Delta platform. The CyScan sensor has the option to provide a direct horizontal distance (ChartRange™) to the reflectors. For certain precision positioning operations it is advantageous to know the horizontal distance to the target. The CyScan sensor can calculate this and provide a ChartRange™ output rather than the DirectRange™ output that it typically used for DP station keeping operations.


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