History Timeline

  • Guidance Control Systems (GCS) founded.

    Guidance was founded in 1991 by Russ Miles, Malcolm Roberts and John Potter.

  • The laser scanner LS5 developed for use with Automated Guided Vehicles.

    Guidance launched their first Laser Scanner, the LS5. The intelligent scanner was the first product launched for the autonomous vehicle market.

  • Won first SMART award.

    Run by the UK department of Trade and Industry. The Small firms’ Merit Award for Research and Technology was made to companies winning an annual regional competition.

    The award was based on technical and market viability of research and technology development proposals for innovative developments.

  • Delivered a GPS-based train location system to Geografix Ltd.

    Guidance had seen the potential for its technology, which allowed adaptation to their products to enter new markets.

  • First LS6 device launched.

    In 1998, Guidance launched the new and improved Laser Scanner, LS6.

  • Introduction of the LS7.

    Introduction of the LS7.

  • Developed a scanner used on the world’s first paper room stacking vehicle to heights of 8m.

    One year into the millennium and Guidance was able to secure their developed scanner on the first paper room stacking vehicle which could reach heights of up to 8 metres.

  • Tagging equipment launched.

    Launched an RF frequency based offender monitoring tag in the UK. This was the world’s first in use day-to-day mobile phone based monitoring system which went on to become the most widely used offender monitoring tag.

    Guidance Monitoring’s product portfolio included a full range of innovative products which use GPS, radio frequency and biometric technology.

  • Launched a marine laser system.

    The sensor was developed based on Guidance’s AGV technology and existing product range called CyScan. First units shipped and installed in Brazil were used by Petrobras.

  • 2nd Generation CyScan launched.

    Guidance launched into the marine dynamic positioning (DP) market. Based on the expertise with laser technology, the sensor was the first laser positioning system which correctly measured vessel orientation whilst also rejecting false data to give correct heading.

  • RadaScan development began in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

    RadaScan development began in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

  • Name changed to Guidance Navigation Ltd.

    GCS has changed their name to Guidance Navigation Ltd.

  • Guidance Monitoring acquired another electronic monitoring contract to the British Government.

    Guidance Monitoring acquired another electronic monitoring contract to the British Government.

  • Product development of Radar positioning based system

    Helped deliver development of RadaScan.

  • Received Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade

    The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is a highly prestigious award for outstanding achievement by the UK businesses in categories of Innovation, International Trade and Sustainable Development.

    Her Majesty the Queen makes the awards on the advice of the Prime Minister, who is assisted by an advisory committee that includes representatives of government, industry and commerce, and the trade unions.

    Founder, Malcolm Roberts, receiving the engraved crystal bowl from H.M. Lord Lieutenant, Lady Gretton.

  • First Psi Navigator installed on Customer Vehicle.

    PsiNav is the suite of hardware and software products from Guidance, designed to provide the highest precision direction and position data which can be easily integrated into Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and other mobile platform control applications.

  • Guidance Monitoring won the Plaster and Rubber Industry Design award.

    The monitoring ankle tag received the award for its robust and functional design. The team behind the design of Guidance Monitoring ankle tag, are to be thanked here as they are the ones who pushed to have this product at a high standard and as a result, allowing guidance to win the plaster & rubber industry design award.

  • Guidance Navigation received first RadaScan commercial order to supply Shell.

    To complement Guidance’s existing RF and microwave capabilities, Chiltern Microwave was acquired. Based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, the office now forms part of the company’s R&D division, Guidance Innovation.

  • First Dual Scanner Development began.

    First Dual Scanner Development began.

  • 2,000 offenders in England and Wales now tagged.

    Guidance has announced that in England and Wales, 2,000 offenders are tagged by their monitoring ankle tags.

  • Guidance Monitoring now the sole provider of technology to the national EM programmes.

    Guidance has acquired new contracts to enter into Norway and France to provide their monitoring ankle tags.

  • Mini RadaScan development begins.

    On the back of the success of RadaScan, development began on a new marine based radar sensor set to be more compact and lightweight.

  • 5,000 offenders on monitoring tag in France. Won monitoring contract in Saudi Arabia

    The company successfully provided France with monitoring ankle tags that have been applied to 5,000 offenders within two years.

  • First Mini RadaScan installed.

    First Mini RadaScan order received by North Star Shipping and installed on the Grampian Talisker.

  • The Sunday Times International Track 100 Award, Listed at number 93.

    The International Track 100 league table ranks Britain's private companies with the fastest international sales over the last two years.

    With an annual international sales growth of 51.70% Guidance Navigation was ranked at number 93. The award relates to the company's sales and service activities in the global offshore oil & gas industry.

  • Celine Dion concert at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas is navigated by a Psi Navigator.

    During Celine’s second residency in Las Vegas her on stage performance was moved by the laser scanner, Psi Navigator.

  • Guidance Monitoring sold to G4S.

    Having worked with Guidance since 2001, G4S used Guidance’s technology to deliver electronic monitoring services to the Ministry of Justice in the UK. The monitoring tag is applied to 10,000+ offenders across Europe.

    Malcolm Roberts, Managing Director of Guidance Monitoring, commented, “We are excited about the opportunities for our employees and our company through becoming part of G4S, with whom we have worked closely for years. We know our technology will bring many benefits to G4S and its existing customers in the UK and overseas while the opportunity to work with G4S teams around the world to introduce this cost effective and proven technology into new markets is an extremely exciting prospect”.

  • Mini RadaScan extends to 600m - tests hold DP through to 1025m.

    Mini RadaScan extends to 600m - tests hold DP through to 1025m.

  • Restructured to create divisions: Guidance Marine and Guidance Industrial.

    Customer and market focussed operational divisions - highly responsive to customer and market needs.

  • Leicester Mercury business awards Winner for Science & Technology and Winner for Export.

    Guidance recipients of two awards having exported more than 87% of the company's sales in 2012, helping to increase the turnover by 70%. Over the past three years the company has invested £2.8 million - almost a tenth of its revenue in research and development to ensure its products are at the cutting edge of a fast moving industry.

  • 1000th CyScan Mk4 shipped.

    Shipped to Kongsberg Maritime. Now an estimated 2,000+ CyScan units installed on vessels worldwide.

  • 500th RadaScan shipped.

    Shipped to Marine Technologies LLC. Now an estimated 500+ RadaScan units installed on vessels worldwide.

  • Received the Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade.

    The company achieved the award for the second time after previous success in 2006. Guidance demonstrated significant growth in overseas business and our customer base now spans over 40 countries, across Asia, Middle East and the Americas with just under 90% of our total sales being exported.

    Group CEO, Jan Grothusen, meeting her Majesty the Queen during the official celebration at Buckingham Palace.

  • Crowned the Regional Winner in HSBC Global Connections competition.

    The company were crowned one of the two regional SME winners from the Midlands for the Global Connections 2014 competition – a HSBC initiative to find the UK’s most innovative and forward thinking companies. The HSBC Global Connections initiative is founded on the belief that expansion and success for UK businesses is likely to come to those that venture beyond their home territories and take their products and services into the growth markets of the future.

    A stand out winner, the company’s ambition is an example of what the Global Connections judges described as the “infectious passion” of the Guidance Navigation leadership team. The judges also praised the group’s history of innovation, continuous development of product and superb thought leadership.

  • 'Powered by Nucleus' introduced.

    The breadth of technology and support that Guidance Industrial has built in the Nucleus offering encompasses a mix of hardware, software, processors and supporting services.

  • Service Centre opens in Louisiana, USA.

  • Marine.Direct launched.

    Guidance Marine Direct (GMD) is the new online sales platform for Guidance Marine. A sales store, www.marine.direct has been designed to facilitate the sale of peripheral items; particularly focusing on targets, prisms, responders and sensor spares.

  • Guidance Navigation Ltd Demerger.

    Guidance Navigation Ltd completed the legal separation of the Automation and the Marine businesses within the Guidance group. Guidance Marine will continue to focus on providing high quality products to vessels and offshore assets while Guidance Automation will continue to focus on providing new innovative products to the industrial sector.

  • Rugged Prism Launched.

    The Rugged Prism is the first purpose built laser target for DP operations. It's tough, brightly coloured exterior has been designed to increase prism durability during the handover between vessels and assets. It’s designed to allow the prism to be installed in various different ways to meet the customers’ needs. For example, a detachable bracket has been supplied for an easy drop on design which allows the prism to hold its position on a rail without the need of U-bolts for short duration projects. Other methods of application include U-bolt installation, Lanyard installation and Unistrut installation. First order obtained by Harvey Gulf – Operations. Available to order from the new online store, www.marine.direct

  • Completed acquisition of Artemis from CHL.

    Successfully completed the full acquisition of the ARTEMIS product and brand from CHL Netherlands. ARTEMIS, first introduced to the offshore market in 1972 is the undisputed, world leading, long-range microwave position reference sensor typically used for dynamic positioning of tankers against major infrastructure at sea.

  • Guidance Marine PTE Ltd opens in Singapore.

    Guidance Marine PTE Ltd opens in Singapore.

  • Recognised as 'One to Watch' company in The Sunday Times Best Companies To Work For 2016 list.

    Accredited in The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For 2016 survey as a 'One to Watch' company.

    The company was one of just 188 companies to be awarded the prestigious accolade this year. The respected survey enables employees to provide honest feedback about their work environment and demonstrates that companies who focus on employees, reap significant benefits including improved workplace engagement, staff retention, reduced recruitment costs and greater financial performance.

    Best Companies have been producing the Accreditation standard since 2006 to acknowledge excellence in the workplace. The Accreditation is a focus on Workplace Engagement as an integral component of an organisation's success and growth.

  • 2000th CyScan Mk4 Shipped.

    Now an estimated 2,000 CyScan Mk4 units installed on vessels worldwide.

  • Featured in the London Stock Exchange's 2016 "1000 Companies to Inspire Britain" report.

    Identified as one of the companies in London Stock Exchange’s 2016, “1000 companies to inspire Britain” report for the second year running. The third edition of the report profiles a cross-section of the economy, celebrating some of the fastest-growing enterprises in the UK. The 1,000 businesses list have, an average, grown their revenue by 50% over the past four years and outperformed their sector peers. Just 25% of the companies were featured last year.

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